€1.5 Billion Boost For Ukraine

€1.5 Billion Boost For Ukraine

There is a €1.5 billion boost for Ukraine from the European union to keep the financial engine of the war-ravaged country. A war they did not start. European Commission released a statement to announce the financial package for the country. The release read:

Today we disbursed another €1.5 billion to Ukraine.

Our support helps keep the state running in times of war.

It also puts Ukraine firmly on its EU path by supporting reforms – good governance and financial stability, for example.

Together we are writing Ukraine’s future.


Сьогодні ми виплатили ще €1,5 млрд Україні.

Наша підтримка допомагає Україні функціонувати, захищаючись.

Вона також твердо ставить Україну на її шлях до ЄС, підтримуючи реформи – наприклад, ефективне управління та фінансову стабільність.

Разом ми пишемо 🇪🇺 майбутнє України.

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The European Commission also released a statement earlier announcing a successful fund raiser for Ukraine with the statement below.

When tragedy strikes, we have a duty to answer with solidarity.

This is what we did together with the international community at the Donors’ Conference.

Today, the international community has come together and pledged €7 billion to help the people affected by the devastating earthquakes.
The EU and its countries have contributed to this outstanding result with € 3.6 billion.

People in Türkiye and Syria are not alone. We care, and we are here to help.

We will continue to work together to support those affected by the earthquakes.

#TogetherForTürkiye #TogetherForSyria

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