Dr. Pamela Kaushal And Assemlyman Changing Lives

Dr. Pamela Kaushal is a medical doctor in the UK.

Dr. Pamela founded VJ Water Project.

VJ Water Project provides clean borehole water systems to various communities.

VJ Water Project also continues to repair or maintain the borehole water systems they provide years after their inauguration.

Dr. Pamela’s Organization affects the people of Dorfor Adidome electoral area positively.

The assemblyman for Dorfor Adidome electoral area, Hon. Tse Kofi Jupiter Azietor, playing a very significant role that people in other electoral areas might wish for.

The Assemblyman, through Jonilar, got in touch with Dr. Pamela’s VJ Water Project.

Water is life. And Dr. Pamela Kaushal has taken up the challenge to give such life to deprived communities. Though a medical officer in a far away country in the UK, Dr. Pamela has decided to establish VJ Water Project in Africa, with several communities benefiting from the benevolence of the project. Dorfor Adidome electoral area is the latest beneficiary of Dr. Pamela Kaushal’s project.

On 2nd May, 2022, the assembly member of Dorfor Adidome electoral area, in the North Tongu District of Volta Region, in the midst of others, undertook repair of two (2) broken down hand pump boreholes in the electoral area. The communities whose borehole pumps were broken and were repaired were Dorfor Adidome and Agorveme. It was Dr. Pamela’s VJ water project that came to the aid of the two (2) communities in the electoral area and facilitated the repairs of the pumps.

The joyful members of the communities could not hide their joy upon seeing their water pump in full operation. The assemblyman for the electoral area, Hon. Tse Kofi Jupiter Azietor, who could not hide his joy, raised praises on the VJ Water Project team, especially Dr. Pamela Kaushal, the founder of VJ Water Project and Bismark Vell Marty the project manager for VJ Water Project in Africa. Hon. Azietor also expressed appreciation to Jonilar of Jonilar.net who also used to construct borehole water systems for communities. A special appreciation was also extended to Abimeal, just to mention a few.

In January this year 2022, a newly constructed borehole was inaugurated and handed over to the people of Dorfor Tornu, also in the Dorfor Adidome electoral area, to end their long dependence on the water source that they shared with animals.

Despite the efforts being made by Dr. Pamela Kaushal, Jonilar and their team in providing clean water to communities in the electoral area, the assemblyman for the area insists he is ready to beg anyone who can to help accelerate the efforts in providing clean water for his people. He therefore used the opportunity to call on philanthropists, benevolent organisations, the district assembly and even the central government to have mercy on his people and provide a water source that could reduce their health risks drastically.

The Dorfor Adidome electoral area, which is an enclave along the volta lake, is home to many tributaries and waterways. These tributaries and waterways become a problem when raining season sets in. The tributaries and waterways cut various communities from each other, which makes access to social amenities and services virtually impossible. From pregnant women who can not visit health facilities for prenatal and antenatal to school children who would not go to school. Even farmers would have to declare unintended holidays. Worse of all is that emergency situations could become a disaster when the communities are cut off. According to the assemblyman, minor bridges or culverts at strategic locations could ameliorate the situation. A plea that he wants anybody who can to help with it, especially central government and/or any government agency. The community would also be very grateful if any NGO or philanthropist could construct even one culvert at a strategic location on the waterways in the district.

As part of his work as an assemblyman, ‘all efforts to get the District Assemly to construct some culverts or minor bridges at strategic locations on the waterways in the electoral area proved futile’ Hon. Azietor said. He continued, ‘I wrote series of letters to the district assembly with respect to the need and benefits for such initiative but everything fell on death ears.’ According to the assemlyman, he is very much concern about the lack of culverts or minor bridges especially for school children and their teachers who must be in school everyday whether it is raining or not. Parents even get more worried when rains start falling after their wards had left home for school, imagining how the children will return home crossing such dangerous high current waters.

Jonilar of Jonilar.net was instrumental in providing certain facilities for the area and materials for school children in the past. He used to also construct borehole water systems for some of the villages in the enclave. However, since the villages in the electoral area needed the borehole water systems at a faster pace, the assemblyman had to lobby through Jonilar to bring on board Dr. Pamela’s VJ Water Project. Jonilar also used to supply underprivileged school children with school uniforms, cloths, pens, pencils, exercise books and other basic things that is needed to go to school with. After expressing his heartfelt gratitude to Jonilar for all that he did for his people, Hon. Jupiter appeal to Jonilar to continue to have his people in mind.

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