Director Asked Headteachers To Sign Bonds

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Director Asked Headteachers To Sign Bonds | As for the classroom teacher, don’t try

It has emerged that directors of Ghana Education Service have demanded from heads of Senior High Schools to sign bonds of good behavior and an undertaking not to collect any money from incoming first year students to their schools. One of such request letters where a director asked headteachers to sign a bond is coming from the Suhum District in the Eastern Region.

On Thursday 26th January 2023, Roland Walker disclosed on a live television program on TV3’s newspaper review session that the district director of Suhum District had issued letters to Heads of Senior High Schools in the district that they should write an undertaking that they would not collect any money from the incoming first year students.

The early morning TV program, called New Day, reviewed the various challenges in the education sector, including the “schools of shame” documentary that infuriated the education minister.

It was disclosed that the leaked letter from Suhum District, as read out by the Roland, was just one of such letters being given to heads of Senior High Schools in the country.

If director asked headteachers to sign a bond that they would not take money from students, then it is, therefore, in the interest of classroom teachers not to try any scheme that demands payment of any money by the incoming students to avoid any implications.

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“Management of Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) wishes to announce to the general public that preparations are ongoing for the release of Senior High Schools placement for the 2023/2024 academic year,” according to a press release from the Ghana Education Service.

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The statement indicated that “management strongly cautions the general public not to fall prey to deceitful persons that may approach them to pay money for a place in SHS. Such persons are to be reported immediately to the police”

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