Destinies Of Central Tongu District Citizens Stashed In Sacks At Sogakope Post Office [Find details below].

      Destinies Of Central Tongu District Citizens Stashed In Sacks At Sogakope Post Office [Find details below].


      1. Despite phone messages, social media and emails, postal numbers or services are still relevant to receiving very important documents like admission letters, bank account records of deceased people by their dependants, some foreign institutions’ verification processes etc.

      2. Imagine letters for the whole Central Tongu District citizens are stashed in thirty-five (35) number-5 sacks from a date unknown.

      3. The date the letters were first being stacked in the sacks and kept at the Sogokope post office is unknown.

      4. Advise: Do not quote any postal box or PMB meant to be delivered anywhere in Central for any document or risk it being stashed in the thirty-sixth sack

      5. No matter your district or community, if your former post office is no longer functional, this story is sure to apply to you.

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      A resident of Mafi-kumase in the Central Tongu District of Volta Region decided to visit the Sogakope Post office, located in the South Tongu District, to collect his letter that was actually addressed to Mafi-kumase, but to his surprise, the managress of the Sogakope Post office blatantly told him there is no such letter.

      The Mafi-kumase resident actually went to the Sogakope Post office for his letter because the two post offices in the Central Tongu District, Mafi-kumase and Adidome post offices, were closed down for unknown reasons, possible because of profitability reasons.

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      The Mafi-kumase resident, who could not believe the blatant answer of no such letters, asked whether there were other letters for any Mafi-kumase resident to which he was again told by the managress there were no such letters, which prompted a male subordinate to emerge from an inner office explain things.

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      In the end, with agreement gesture by the managress, the male subordinate disclosed that there were over thirty-five (35) sacks of the number-5 sack full of letters meant for residents of Central Tongu District, but are kept at the Sogakope Post Office all these years because the post offices in the Central Tongu District are no longer functional.

      These bulk letters stashed at the Sogakope Post office are the destinies of the people of Central Tongu, well hidden or destroyed or changed.

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