Causes, Symptoms and Risk Factors of Emphysema/ The Serious Lung Condition Caused by Smoking

      Causes, Symptoms and Risk Factors of Emphysema/ The Serious Lung Condition Caused by Smoking

      Emphysema is the gradual destruction of lung tissue, specifically, the alveoli. The alveoli is an air sac. It contains tiny air sacs. In emphysema, these air sacs weaken and rupture, creating a larger air pocket instead of many smaller air sacs. This causes a reduction in the surface area of the lungs and shrinks the lungs surface area, reducing the amount of air that is supposed to reach the bloodstream. Emphysema is a serious condition that you need to know the causes, symptoms and it’s risk factors to avoid it or detect it on time. These damaged air sacs don’t work properly especially during exhalation because old air is trapped in the air sacs, making it difficult for oxygenated air to get to the lungs. Know the causes, risk factors and symptoms of emphysema to avoid its serious complications.

      Signs and Symptoms of Emphysema

      1. Shortness of breath which worsens over time.

      2. Chest tightness

      3. Wheezing

      4. Cough with mucous

      Causes of emphysema

      Emphysema is one of the lung diseases which can be prevented. Smoking is the major cause of emphysema.

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      Risk Factors of Emphysema

      1. Frequent exposure to dust or fumes such as occupational exposure

      2. Exposure to air pollution

      3. Exposure to second-hand Smoking

      4. Old age

      Complications of Emphysema

      1. Heart conditions

      2. Large hole in the lungs

      3. Collapsed of the lungs

      4. Respiratory failure or insufficiency

      5. Pneumonia

      6. Respiratory acidosis

      7. Chronic atelectasis

      Lung conditions are serious conditions you need to avoid. Emphysema can be prevented. Quit smoking and prevent it, since there is no way you will get a lung transplant.

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