Cause of coup attempt in Russia: These Sanctions

      cause of coup attempt in Russia

      Cause of coup attempt in Russia: These Sanctions against Russia

      The Vagner group in Russia has attempted a coup on Putin, the Russian leader. Details of the cause of coup attempt in Russia is in short supply. However, the 11th package of sanctions against Russia is partly to blame in several way.


      This is because the Vagner group is a private military network who must be paid. The Wagner Group is a private army of mercenaries that has been fighting alongside the regular Russian army in Ukraine.


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      The EU has adopted the 11th package of sanctions against Russia for its continued illegal war against Ukraine.

      This package will ensure that EU sanctions against Russia are even better enforced and implemented, based on the lessons learned from implementation over the past year. The new package has these key elements:


      ◼ New anti-circumvention tool: this will allow the EU to restrict the sale, supply, transfer or export of specified sanctioned goods and technology to certain third countries whose jurisdictions are considered to be at a particularly high risk of circumvention. This new “anti-circumvention” tool will be an exceptional measure when other individual measures and outreach by the EU to concerned third countries have been insufficient to prevent circumvention.

      ◼ Extension of the transit prohibition for certain sensitive goods (e.g. advanced technology, aviation-related materials) exported from the EU to third countries, via Russia. This will also reduce the risk of circumvention.

      ◼ Addition of 87 new entities to the list of those directly supporting Russia’s military and industrial complex in its war of aggression against Ukraine. They are subject to tighter export restrictions for dual-use and advanced technology items.

      ◼ Restriction on the exports of further 15 technological items found on the battlefield in Ukraine or equipment needed to produce such items.

      ◼ Requiring importers of sanctioned iron and steel goods that have been processed in a third country to prove that the inputs used do not come from Russia.

      ◼  Extension of the ban on export of luxury cars to all new and second-hand cars above a certain engine size (> 1.900 cm³), and all electric and hybrid vehicles.

      ◼ A full ban on certain types of machinery components.


      ◼ A full ban on trucks with Russian trailers and semi-trailers from transporting goods to the EU.

      ◼ Prohibition to access EU ports for vessels that engage in ship-to-ship transfers suspected to be in breach of the Russian oil import ban or G7 Coalition price cap.

      ◼ End of the possibility to import Russian oil by pipeline for Germany and Poland.

      ◼ Over 100 additional individuals and entities subject to asset freezes. This includes senior military officials, decision makers on the war, persons involved in the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia, judges who took politically motivated decisions against Ukrainian citizens, persons responsible for the looting of cultural heritage, businesspersons, propagandists, as well as Russian IT companies providing critical technology and software to the Russian intelligence, banks operating in the occupied territories and entities working with the Russian armed forces.

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      📄More details on the 11th package in the press-release.

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