Breaking News: GNAT Regional Secretariat Deliver A Threatening Letter To Members Advocating Voting Rights For School Reps And Local Executives.

The reasons for the threat are very fascinating.

For the benefit of doubt, a FULL COPY of the letter has been attached.

It is a surprise part of the letter from Volta Regional Secretariat considering the activities of GNAT members demanding voting rights for school reps and local executives a negative campaign and must stop. Download Telegram from playstore (it’s just like whatsapp) to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram

Though the advice letter did not ask for a reply, we deem it fit to inform the house about the position of the volunteers on all aspects of the letter.

Heading: we are not aware as members of GNAT that we are prohibited from using the name GNAT as an adjective to describe ourselves. Moreover, we do not believe the purpose for which we gathered ourselves is for any negative activity or campaign.

Paragraph one (1): We never claimed anywhere to represent leadership of GNAT

Paragraph two (2): As at the time of receiving the letter, the GNAT logo is no longer our display picture (DP) on our WhatsApp and telegram platforms, because we believe the message is more important than any image. With respect to the name GNAT, we are members of GNAT and can never assume we are not. We can therefore use GNAT as an adjective to describe ourselves.

Paragraph three (3): As an advisory letter, we expected the letter to spell out how or why our medium of advocacy or membership education is wrong.

Paragraph four (4): This part has already been addressed in the address in paragraph two (2).

Paragraph five (5): We do not believe company code frowns on company members using their company name to describe themselves or even ordinary members gathering either physically or on social media, especially to offer good suggestions for the company.

Paragraph six (6): We never use the word GNAT or its logo or even the name of leadership in a way that brings the name of the union into disrepute. And we will not do so in our activities towards a union we love to stay in till retirement.

Paragraph seven (7): We never claimed to represent GNAT leadership in any form or level. However, a member of GNAT must not be appointed to advocate for any suggestion or opinion in workshops, cars or school or even on social media or anywhere.

Paragraph eight (8): Standing up for a good course within a right process with danger is better than vice versa.

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By: Leader of Volunteers

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