Are the Graduate Unemployeds Ever going to be Serious? – Part 1 by Peter Bismark

      Are the Graduate Unemployeds Ever going to be Serious? – Part 1 by Peter Bismark

      Almost all graduates want white colored jobs. Since 2013, all the graduates I have engaged or had had the chances to interact with, are in search for office jobs.

      Why? Because they see themselves as “university graduates and that deserve administrative jobs”

      Most of these graduates had been home between 2 – 10 years after university, all in search of getting decent white colored jobs.

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      So an adult spent 4 years in the university, plus a year National Service = 5 years. He/she expects to be carried around and that do not wants to work in blue colored jobs.

      You have stayed home for another 5 years searching for jobs. These graduates to me are never serious and ain’t gonna make it in life I think. They have spent 10 years of their lives without hope

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      If these graduates had gone to the mechanic shops to learn automobiles including, electronics, breaks band fixing, windscreen repairs, upholstery, car spraying, etc for three years plus serving the master for one year = 4 years, they could built for themselves endless opportunities.

      In the 5th year, these graduates could own their automobile shops with expertise in one of the unlimited areas mentioned above. They could also be working with their masters and add value to the operations.

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      If others also went into fashion or fabrication within the same period, they could be graduating with skills in those areas of unlimited opportunities.

      Going to the university is a huge success without merit to function properly in our forever evolving future of jobs. It’s important to go out and further learn a skill to create for yourselves realistic jobs.

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      If you are completing your National Service this month, starts thinking to learn a skill today and not tomorrow. Don’t waste your life searching for jobs for 3 years, it becomes the beginning of your failure.

      Written by:

      Peter Bismark

      Skill development Advocate

      Skill Summit 2022,

      Team, Ghana.

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