On that day when the united Africa is finally free, and they speak of how the Pan Africanist Bankole Bright of Sierra Leone fought for Ghana and Africa, they will also have to honour our brother, Fighter Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh of Nigeria.

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When Fighter Oscar introduced himself to the Economic Fighters League in 2019, we could not have known how much he would come to mean to the movement, how much his energy would inspire us, how much his humour would carry us, how much his bright mind with his multitude of ideas would enliven us. And how could we have known? This bright spark brought so much to the table yet presented himself in the humblest of manners and in the simplest of forms.

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The news of your passing left us feeling robbed, Fighter. Robbed of your incredible energy, your warm soul, your hope for Africa. Robbed of your brilliant ideas, and the opportunity to watch you grow, to grow with you, to flourish as you flourish. We feel robbed. But your father is right. We must not mourn but celebrate you, who in such a short life managed to live and love so deeply.

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We celebrate the Fighter, Oscar, who was so moved by injustice that he would step out from behind his camera to kneel and lead calls for justice. We celebrate the Fighter, Oscar, whose unfailing optimism would have him rising above life’s many challenges to dream up the unthinkable with conviction and humour. We celebrate the Fighter, Oscar, who would light up a room with his energy and his laughter, all the while capturing and analysing the minutest of details around him. We celebrate the Fighter, Oscar, who appreciated the smallest of kindnesses while giving so freely of his time to the Revolution. We celebrate the Fighter, Oscar, the Pan Africanist, the proud African who fought so hard for Ghana that you forgot his roots were elsewhere.

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Oscar! We will miss you, Fighter. We will miss you. Thank you for sharing your short time with us, for making us laugh, think and hope. We will continue the work. We will liberate this continent, and you will stand with us in the People’s victory. Until then, we will find you in the ideas we were yet to implement, and in the memories of our time shared.

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We stand with your grieving family, and thank them for sharing you with us. We pray that they are comforted in this difficult time.

A Fighter fought, a Fighter fell, a Fighter lives on.


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