An Ordinary Man Debates The President In Style In Town.

Imagine the composure of the ordinary man debating the president in a grand style in public.

Watch the short video of the man debating the president in town.

What could the president have said?

The debate was definitely about the ailing economy of the country.

Probably, the president could have requested the Vice-President to take up the challenge, since the debate was about the economy.

The economy of the country, Ghana, has taken a twist never seen before, where the inflation has almost doubled, at 23.6% for April 2022, within four months of the year 2022, after inflation opened the year 2022 at 12.6%. This sharp increase in the cost of goods and services has led many to despair.

A man in his early forties, at an age that would have survived multiple regimes, has decided to debate the president in a grand style. The man in an urban setting decided to stop by a huge billboard bearing the image of the president to debate the president in absentia.

Watch the video here


The man, who obviously knew what he was doing, tried as much as possible to let the motionless president listen to his argument and used all manner of gestures to make his point involving all parts of his body.

The concerns raised by the debater include rent cost, transport (trotro) cost and the cost of food, which are all basic needs for man to survive.

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