4 Good News In January Validation Scrutiny

4 Good News In January Validations For All Workers | Validators Scrutiny

There is a known problem with the validation processes for January salaries. However, it is not all bad news. There are four (4) major good news in the January validation voucher, according to multiple validators.

The challenge that has accompanied the validation of January salaries is largely the names of staff missing on the vouchers. The implication of this occurrence is the worker not receiving his or her salary. The good news which has benefited teachers the most, however, in the validation are:

Good news in January Validation

1. Promotions: It has been disclosed that most workers who were promoted months or years ago but such workers were not placed on their rightful salary scale have finally been placed on their correct salary scale.

2. 30% salary increment: the recently negotiated 30% salary increment has also been implemented. The 30% salary increment actually has been confirmed to have been reflected in the salary.

3. Upgrading: a lot of staff who have gone for further studies have been kept waiting for several reasons, including an alleged freeze on salary adjustments. The good news is that, lots of such staff have finally been kept on their appropriate salary scale.

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4. Responsibility allowance: Behold, workers who have been given extra responsibility, but without any addition to their salaries have seen their salary adjusted to reflect their roles. In other words, their responsibility allowance has been affected.

It must also be stated that, there many other workers, who are equally qualified for the above salary adjustment but the adjustment did not reflect against the names of such workers. It is the hope that people who are not captured in the current salary adjustment will be catered for in subsequent months. As usually, nothing is predictable in the country when it concerns salary.

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