No Promotion, No Study Leave | No Explanation

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No Promotion, No Study Leave And No Reasonable Explanation Too.

This is a regular lamentation by Ghanaian Teacher, Amos Adongo, about no promotion and no study leave since 2014 without any explanation from appropriate sources.

hmmmmm! For me, I’m “speechlessly frustrated”, Because I’ve never been promoted to senior supt l since I started teaching in 2014.

In my municipal, our year batch was “recklessly” denied supervision & promotion to snr supt I in 2018 due to reasons best know to them.

Now in 2019, we were supervised, & some of us were Left unprompted. We made follow up to enquire why it was so.

All what the municipal Education office could tell us was, “We’re unaware of any promotion, it was done at the national level.”

As if that was not enough I applied for study leave with pay to study B.Ed Science at the University & was denied.

In 2020, I applied for promotion to snr supt I again till date, I’ve not heard anything yet.

Also I applied for study leave in 2020 & 2021 I wasn’t granted again.

Hmmmmmm GES !
What is my crime as a teacher?

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In the end, no promotion, no study and no reasonable explanation. That is the woes of the junior rank Ghanaian Teachers, where most things are a mystery to them.

Author: Amos Adongo

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