4 Funny Reasons For Delayed GNAT Loan From Headquarters Lines | Thomas Musah Must Clear The Air

      4 Funny Reasons For Delayed GNAT Loan From Headquarters Lines | Thomas Musah Must Clear The Air

      There is a renewed concern among members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) over a delayed GNAT loan from headquarters. The responses or reasons are considered funny. This has made members of the association demand that the General Secretary come out to clear the air about issues relating to the delayed GNAT loan from headquarters. The reasons allegedly being given to members when loan applicants call the headquarters are:


      1. No response until your call credit is exhausted

      2. Members have no mutual fund ID

      3. The person to sign the cheque does not come to work

      4. The signed cheque is yet to be picked up by the district secretaries.



      1. No response until your call credit is exhausted: Funny enough, the biggest labour union in the country with enough staff at the headquarters has no one in charge of official phone calls coming through the loans office. Some members who called the offices over the undue delay of their loan application claim that their calls were never responded to on several occasions. Apparently, they claim to have stayed on the phone lines for music to be played for them until their call credit is exhausted. Such applicants do not have the motivation to call the head office with respect to the delay in their loan application based on previous experience. They prefer using the call credit to call benevolent individuals who can assist them financially in the interim.


      2. Loan applicants have no mutual fund numbers: It is fascinating to note that, one of the reasons being offered for the delayed GNAT loan from headquarters, through social media indicated that some loan applicants do not have mutual fund numbers. Meanwhile, one of the compulsory fields on the loan application form that must be completed is the mutual fund number. It is therefore unclear how valid the assertion that some applicants did not have mutual fund numbers in the course of the loan application.


      3. The person to sign the loan cheques, at the headquarters, has not been coming to work lately. Though as a union whose operation is not so different from some public sector agencies or departments, it would be ridiculous that in the absence of one individual, even for a short while, the signing of loan cheques would be halted. Loan funds are mostly needed to save emergency situations, including saving life. This reason as allegedly being given could be considered the most ridiculous.

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      4. Signed loan cheques are yet to be picked by regional or district secretaries. In the era of electronic evolution, the Ghana National Association of Teachers continues to live like it’s age, ninety (90) years old. Loan applications must be sent to headquarters physically and cheques for approved loans are brought to the owners physically. This process presents so many reasons that a loan application and approval and receipt of cheques could be delayed. One such reason may be the health or emergency situations that could hinder the travel arrangement of the messenger. Another reason could be the need to assemble enough documents before traveling to the headquarters to pick up loan-related cheques. Even in the midst of these physical traveling arrangements, an EMS service could be used to complement the arrangements. It is therefore, also funny that a secretary’s inability to travel would be the reason people’s much needed funds will be delayed beyond a certain duration.


      The reasons being given for the delayed GNAT loan from headquarters could be considered as the funniest reasons that do not merit a union of teachers.

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