2023 Base Pay Negotiations On 10th Jan.

      Outcome of 2023 Base Pay Negotiations On 10th January 2023, According To Citi Eyewitness News

      1. There has been lots of discussion about the 2023 base pay negotiations since the last quarter of 2022, since such negotiations were concluded before the fourth quarter of that year.

      2. There have been lots of expectations for the continuation of negotiations on 10th January 2023. However, the meeting was announced to have ended inconclusively.

      3. In the press briefing about the closed-door meeting after the meeting, the deputy minister of employment and labour relations disclosed the following about the 2023 base pay negotiations. In a Citi Eyewitness, the deputy minister, Mr. Bright Wireku Brobbey stated:

      a. the meeting did not conclude on anything but rather adjourned to tomorrow 11th January 2023.

      b. the deputy minister would rather claim the meeting only recap the discussions that have been ongoing over the period, especially when this is the meeting about the 2023 base pay negotiations for the year.

      4. When asked whether nothing had been tabled today for consideration, the deputy minister continued to evade the question. And stated the meeting was only to recap the previous discussions.

      5. Mr. Bright Wireku Brobbey further indicated that the negotiations teams expect to conclude on any decision at tomorrow’s meeting.

      6. the turn of events, as disclosed by the minister could be considered surprising, especially when the negotiation teams have been on a long break only to come to recap information that was disagreed on in the past with respect to the salary negotiations

      7. The logical conclusion that can be drawn from the diplomatic briefing by the government’s team is an indication of the inability of both teams to conclude on the percentage increase of salaries for public sector workers.

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      8. It is hoped the promise by the minister that a decision would be arrived at tomorrow will come to fruition

      9. It must be revealed that, labour unions are also tight lipped on what transpired during the close door meeting

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