The Ghana Food and Drugs Authority, FAD, has released a health alert about a sachet water product called “KANGEN WATER”. According to the FDA, the water is 100% alkaline and unhealthy for consumption. Below is the press statement, from the Foods and Drugs Authority, dated 5th April 2023.


The Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) wishes to bring to the attention of the public an unregistered product, KANGEN WATER, 100% alkaline on the market.

Although the manufacturer earlier on acquired an FDA registration number for the production of drinking water, the producer has chosen to misrepresent the FDA number by using it for its 100% alkaline water with claims of medicinal and healing properties as being advertised and marketed.

It is important to note that the medicinal and healing properties as being advertised have not been subjected to any scientific analysis and therefore, the Authority can not guarantee its efficacy and safety for these claims.

Section 100 (1) of the Public Health Act 2012 (Act 851) make it an offence to advertise food as a preventive or cure for a disease, disorder or an abnormal physical state. Additionally, Act 851 prohibits advertisement for the treatment of diseases such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes etc.

The authority has therefore halted the operations of the facility where KANGEN water, 100% alkaline is produced and the manufacturer has been directed to recall products in trade pending investigations.

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In view of the above, the Authority is cautioning the public to avoid purchase and use of KANGEN WATER, 100% alkaline and other unregistered products.

For further information, please contact the FDA on 0551112224/5 or visit FDA’s website on fdaghana.gov.gh

Source: fdaghana.gov.gh

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