You May Be A ‘Bulawayo’ Of Your Family Or Community

      Who is Bulawayo?

      What sort of things does a ‘Bulawayo’ do?

      Great men, rich and/or famous people can be found in any family and/or community. You may not know your connection to any great man or rich and/or famous person until it is revealed. A lot of people in almost every community have found a reason to chastise rich and/or famous people for how they spend their own money. One of such people is popularly called Bulawayo.

      Bulawayo allegedly spent a minimum of fifty thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc50,000.00) to bring in musical artists Ayigbe Edem, Chief One and Kenny Ice to perform at an Easter street jam which was a free show. Meaning, nobody has to pay to enjoy the jams.

      What is Bulawayo’s crime? It may be your crime as well.

      Before Bulawayo’s crime, he also spent money on acquiring and fixing street lights for his community. Something he was so much loved for and the gesture of providing street lights for the community was used to trol other rich men in the community who came before him. The hero is now being trolled for wasting his own money by the same people, the young people, who were supposed to enjoy the frenzied appearance of the high-rated musical artists. At the center of chastising rich folks in societies for wasteful spending is the long list of other more important things that could be done with the wasted money. The youth of the area equally have their long list.

      1. The benefits underground musical artists could gain from even half of the money spent on bringing the musical trio, Ayigbe Edem, Chief One and Kenny Ice. Music as career need huge initial investments, just like any other enterprise, to weather an early tough storm. At the moment, very talented underground musicians in the area, like Kojo Teezy, Random fire, Tempa etc, are struggling mainly because of the most needed financial investment in their trade. From the recording of the songs to their promotion and even getting access to good producers is a huge challenge stemming out of inadequate funds. Most of the youth and the community members are unhappy after they fully participated in the street jams, about the amount of money spent. It, however, seems the only thing to calm them is when Bolawayo decides to make an investment in some of the local artists.

      2. The number or the amount of scholarships Bulawayo’s Ghc50,000.00 could grant students from the community. Paying school fees, especially at the tertiary level, is a headache for parents/guardians and even the students themselves. The complaint is worse for students from poor backgrounds. And Bulawayo’s community is no exception. There are those who wish to help the less privilege but they can not. It is for these reason Bulawayo’s private wallet expenditure has become a source of disaffection for himself. To redeem himself, he would have to take on the challenge of offering scholarships to some less privileged people in the community.

      3. The number of jobs that can be created for the youth. At the moment, the fastest employment source is to buy a motorcycle to be used for commercial transport, commonly known as ‘Okada’ in the area. About seven or eight motorcycles could be purchased, for any youth willing to do Okada transport business, the amount of money spent on the program.

      The twist to the whole saga is that the youth seem to be happy prior to the street jam program, hoping to meet their favorite artists. So what has changed? Probably nothing has changed. However, the discontent could just be a display of a deeper-rooted desire from the capable to do a little more to help the underprivileged youth, who are into music or underprivileged students and/or underprivileged unemployed people.

      Rich people or well-to-do people in societies, no matter the race or tribe, will always be questioned about how they use their own money. Buying multiple private jets or buying cinema tickets or the level of school fees you pay for your wards etc will always be compared with the other things such money could do for others. But there is a level that when it reaches, it will definitely be classified in a manner similar to Bulawayo’s experience.

      It must also be revealed that, during the street jams, the youth, who are now beefed up, during the heat of artistic performances, inserted ‘Bulawayo’ into various sections of the tracks that were performed. For instance, when it was the turn of ‘Chief One’ to perform, his track ‘ma dua gbe’, was full of ‘Bulawayo’. Instead of:

      Monday, ma dua gbe

      Tuesday, ma dua gbe

      Everyday, ma dua gbe

      Even on my bad day, ma dua gbe


      It was then changed to:

      Monday, Bulawayo

      Tuesday, Bulawayo

      Everyday, Bulawayo

      Even on my bad day, Bulawayo

      It was understandable, Bulawayo’s name was inserted into that track that way, because Bulawayo owns a washing bay with a drinking bar on the premises which hosted the street jams.

      By: Xcube

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