Why Short Code For Staff Bundle Is Not Working For Registration

Why Short Code For Staff Bundle Is Not Working For Registration

1. The staff bundle for teachers who are MTN subscribers has been in existence since June 2022.

2. The staff bundle which started as a GNAT bundle for members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has seen a lot of modifications, including the expansion of the package from Ashanti Region GNAT members only to all GNAT members nationwide.

3. Also, in an effort to make sure only GNAT members enjoy the package, teachers were asked to use their GNAT mutual fund IDs to register instead of the original need for only staff ID.

4. For whatever reason, the use of the GNAT mutual fund ID for registration was reversed to the original staff ID only.

5. Even though the use of staff ID for the purposes of registration has been widely accepted by teachers, it appears the use of only staff ID is being abused in various forms and creating problems for the whole package. For instance, teachers who know the serial digits of staff IDs can use another person’s staff with or without the person’s consent.

6. Also, it appears the guidelines for users of the staff bundle to register only one beneficiary number is being ignored and members registering multiple beneficiary numbers and managers of the package are finding ways and means to check that source of abuse.

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7. The staff bundle team therefore introduced a Google form to register prospective members of the package. However, the extra information being demanded to back up the staff ID could drive people away from the package just when GNAT mutual fund IDs were requested.

8. New registrants now need to input their full name, name of their school, their district names and their region.

9. The fear of what such information, in addition to staff ID could be used for, will mostly be the reason new registrants might halt their registration.

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