When Is The Right Time To Drink Water? On 5 Occasions [ Nurses Diaries]

When Is The Right Time To Drink Water? On 5 Occasiions [ Nurses Diaries]

Water is very important for your health and wellbeing.
You cannot live without water, it’s a very important source of sustenance.

But are you aware that drinking water at some specific times of the day could be more beneficial to your health ?

Here are 5 Right Times To Drink Water

1. Drinking water before shower
When you take warm water before you take your bath, it lowers blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels, it also helps to reduce sodium levels in the body which aids in lowering blood pressure.

2. Drinking water early morning after you wake up in an empty stomach

Drinking water early morning on empty stomach activates your body organs, removes waste materials and toxins and also aid in easy defecation.

3. Drinking water 40 minutes to an hour before meal

When you drink water within 30 minutes or less before meal, the water will occupy some part of your stomach making you to eat ess. also, the digestive enzymes will not be able to digest the food well since there is already some quantity of water in your stomach for them to act on

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4. Before .bed time

Drinking water an hour before you sleep helps to rehydrate the body but taking it less than one hour before you sleep will interrupt your sleep by waking you up to pee, which also have it’s own health complications.

5. Drinking water 30 to One hour before a meal

Drinking water at this time aids in digestion

Drink water at the right time to improve your health and wellness.

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