What Misconduct Is, According To G.E.S Codes Of Conduct.

A definition that is broad, like the ocean.

What happens when a particular misconduct is not captured by Ghana Education Service Codes of conduct?

Out of ignorance, my people perish as some religious books will put it.

Most teachers claim victimisation by their superiors, whether unjustifiably, because they are either ignorant of the code of conduct by the Ghana Education Service or they forgot the codes or they just took the code for granted. Granted, if a staff is caught by the code of conduct, ignorance will never be accepted as an excuse. Abreast yourself with the code of conduct and you will be much more confident before your supervisors or boss or you will be confident after any unfortunate event involving your presence.


1. ‘any act of omission without reasonable excuse by an employee that amounts to a failure to perform in a proper manner any official duty assigned to him or her as such, or that which contravenes any rules, regulations and enactment relating to the Ghana Education Service or that is otherwise prejudicial to the efficient conduct of the Education Service and brings it into disrepute shall constitute a misconduct’, according to June-2017 edition of code of conduct for the Ghana Education Service staff.

2. Any act of misconduct by staff not expressly mentioned in the code of conduct for the G.E.S staff or in any regulation within the G.E.S shall be reported to the Director General through the right channel, where he or she will refer the case to an appropriate committee.

3. The code of conduct for the staff of Ghana Education Service has been classified into minor and major misconduct.

4. As such, penalties prescribed for various misconduct are also classified into minor and major penalties.

The next episode will reveal the rules and regulations, some of which may be considered as archaic or not current with the present trends.

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