We Apologize To All GNAT Executives, From School Reps To National Executives

There is no need for any unnecessary confrontation when the bigger picture is for the greater good.

Mistakes will be made along the journey and they must be accepted in good faith and not cloud the grand agenda.

We expect GNAT to understand that we do not mean any harm, but for GNAT to understand the times we are in and reform appropriately.

On behalf of all Volunteers of GNAT-National, I offer our unconditional apologies to all GNAT executives, from school reps to National Executives, for using a downloaded GNAT logo with ‘job vacancies’ inscribed on it as a download file to accompany an article inviting GNAT members to join a social media platform. The apologies became necessary due to the fact GNAT felt offended by the use of such an image to feature our article inviting ALL GNAT MEMBERS to join One Telegram Platform, which can host 200,000 members. Click here to join the One Telegram Platform for ALL GNAT MEMBERS

We hope our apology will begin a new and/or better reception of our request for reforms in GNAT, especially allowing ALL SCHOOL REPS to elect all GNAT executives including National executives. Click here to join the One Telegram Platform for ALL GNAT MEMBERS

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