True Facts About MTN Data Plan For Teachers

True Facts About MTN Data Plan For Teachers

Internet access these days is more of a necessity and not a luxury. However, the cost of Internet data is a major issue for most citizens, especially workers who have to depend mostly on the internet for a lot of information.

Over the week, there have been lots of rumours about MTN Ghana collaborating with Ashanti Regional GNAT Secretariat to offer a mouth-watering offer to teachers with 10GB of internet data for only Ghc25.00. There are also several rumours about the authenticity of the deal and/or even whether the deal is opened to teachers in other regions. It is for this reason that the true facts about the deal are illustrated below. Download Telegram (it’s just like whatsapp) to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram Platform

1. It is a request from Ashanti Region GNAT to MTN for subsidised data.

2. MTN wants the deal to be limited to only teachers and not open to compete with their commercial package.

3. To ensure it is limited to only teachers, teachers will have to register with their staff ID which will be verified based on data from Ashanti Region GNAT. Ashanti Region GNAT can deny teachers an access if individuals do not fall within the parameters.

4. To address the concerns of subscribers, a Telegram account is to be opened, which has not been opened yet and, for that matter, any telegram account circulating on social media is fake and has no link to the data plan.

5. For now, the system has not been opened to purchase data but is only open for registration. Subsequently, the approved beneficiaries can purchase data from the platform.

6. It is primarily limited to GNAT members in Ashanti Region, but upon private request, any GNAT member can benefit from it.

Kindly note that it is the resolve of the leadership of GNAT Ashanti to serve members. Anyone who has challenges with any of our services can contact the Ashanti Regional Secretariat.

Once again, it is not late to register for the deal on *800*08#. Download Telegram (it’s just like whatsapp) to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram Platform

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