Top 8 lessons learned from the book – Big Magic

Top 8 lessons learned from the book – Big Magic

1.Be brave/ courageous enough to bring out the talent in you

The author Elizabeth Gilbert refers to every type of creativity in this book. Not only writing, music or painting, any sort of creativity would come under this category. The author declares that it is our own fear that stops us from bringing out the creativity in us. Everyone has some sort of talent in them and no age could prevent them from bringing it up.

2. If an idea comes to your mind, do it

If a plan comes to your mind through creativity, do it before you forget it. If an idea comes to your mind, grab the opportunity and present it out or on a piece of paper before it gets too late. And if it gets too late, either the plan would be forgotten or anyone else would get the idea and present it.

3. Keep faith in you and your abilities

If you are about to start up a new project and could not proceed, you are your own enemy. Self doubt, people pleasing and many other insecurities hold you back. The author writes in the Big Magic that you don’t want other’s opinion to start a new project, keep faith in your abilities and start it. A good example presented by the author in the book is her father. The way how he does anything that his heart desires.

4. Practice makes you learn something

If you want do something and don’t know how to start it, do something on it. Even a piece of it for few minutes. Practice it. Practice makes you learn something. You can’t be playing a piano in a mere second, A thorough practice makes you a good musician. Practicing every day would make you reach the place where you want to be. Even if you worked for it and did not complete it, you were getting educated. It was not all in vain. Educating yourself in something is more better than procrastinating. As the things which you have learnt would be your savior on the time you need it.

5. Frustration is part of the job of creative person

Frustration and disappointment always comes out in one’s way. Either in a profession or daily life routine. The author writes that the frustration is the process and one should know how to handle them. The author further declares that learning how to endure your disappointment and frustration is part of the job of a creative person. You should accept the bitter to get the sweet things in life.

6. Do it not for money but because you like it

Do not ever do a work because you want money out of it but because you like it. If you are going to do something creative, don’t lose your job for it. Continue your creativity when you have time from your job. Sacrifice your sleep or time of playing for your passion of creativity. Sacrifice for your passion. Don’t think your work as a burden.

“Wake yourself up in the middle of the night in order to be alone with your inspiration.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

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7. Don’t try to be perfect

Stop trying to be perfect for the world. Stop pleasing others and work yourself. When you have done something that is visible to the world, let yourself know that they would just peek at it and would forget them completely. They have their own issues to worry about, their own things to be grateful of, there is no time in anyone’s routine to think about you. No one is thinking of you, so stop trying to be perfect.

8. If your dreams give you pain, quit it

If your dreams give you pain than pleasure quit it. If you are about to start your creative dream life but the dreams are injecting insecurities and taking your time off, quit it. Don’t proceed with it. If you can’t keep faith in yourself or believe that you have given your best to build up your dream but it is causing pain to you, stop it and do something else. Something which would give you pleasure than pain.

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