Top 7 Lessons learned from the book: The Obstacle is the Way

Top 7 Lessons learned from the book: The Obstacle is the Way

There are obstacles everywhere. However, Ryan Holiday believes the obstacle is the way. Below are the seven lessons from Ryan’s book “the obstacle is the way.”

Lesson 1. Find Your Why

The best way to see yourself through the obstacles in your life is to dedicate something larger than yourself.

Lesson 2. Perception

What matters most is not necessarily what our obstacles are but how we choose to see them and respond to them.

Lesson 3. Break it Down

Focus on breaking the problem down into smaller more manageable parts. Focus on one task at a time. Complete it. And then move on to the next.

Lesson 4. The Power of Choice

We each have the innate power within us to choose how we will respond to any situation.

Lesson 5. Control your Emotions

Don’t waste your time getting lost in worry. Or put simply does getting worried provide any solutions? Most likely no.

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Lesson 6. Take Action

The problems in our lives aren’t just going to solve themselves, it is up to each of us to take responsibility into our own hands. And Take action.

Lesson 7. Find the Good

No matter how bad a situation may be there is always some good in it. Laughter and cheerfulness are important in situations, good or bad.

Credit: Mr. Pawan

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