Top 6 lessons learned from the book – Smarter Faster Better.

      Top 6 lessons learned from the book – Smarter Faster Better.
      1. The Secret to Setting and Achieving Goals
      Commit to both big ambitious goals that seem out of reach and smaller easily achievable goals.
      This will trigger motivation, ingenuity, and productivity, and allow you to discover potential you didn’t even know you were capable of.
      2. The Secret to Generating Motivation
      Make a choice that puts you in control.
      Figure out how a task is connected to something you care about. Explain to yourself why this chore will help you get closer to a meaningful goal and why this matters.
      3. The Secret to Staying Focused
      Tell yourself stories and narrate your life.
      Telling yourself a story about what you expect to happen gives you tools you need to decide where your focus should go when your plan happens in real life.
      4. The Secret to Making Better Decisions
      Decision making relies on the ability to focus on success and failure.
      To make better decisions, focus on failure and why it occurs. This will allow you to make better predictions based on realistic assumptions.
      5. The Secret to Manage Others Productively
      Unite a team around a common goal through mutual commitments and shared power.
      By pushing decision making to whoever is closest to a problem, managers take advantage of everyone’s expertise and unlock innovation.
      6. The Secret to Innovation
      If you can become more motivated, more focused, better at setting goals and making good decisions, then you’re on the way to becoming smarter, faster, better and more productive.
      Credit: Mr. Pawan
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