Top 6 lessons learned from the book – Influence

Top 6 lessons learned from the book – Influence

Top 6 lessons learned from the book – Influence


This rule states that “…we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us

The rule possesses awesome strength, often producing a “yes” response to a request that, except for an existing feeling of indebtedness, would have surely been refused


This principle is about our “…desire to be (and to appear) consistent with what we have already done.

for example :You stay married, even though divorce may be the best option, because you’ve made a public commitment “til death do us part.


This rule “…applies especially to the way we decide what constitutes correct behavior.

We view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it.” Basically, everyone else is doing it, so I’ll do it too.


This just means we prefer to say yes to the requests of people we know and like.
But what are the factors that cause one person to like another person?

A) Physical Attractiveness
D) Contact
E) Cooperation
F) Conditioning & Association

Very simply, people tend to follow authority figures.

We are taught from a very young age that obedience to authority is right and disobedience is wrong.

Example: Policemen, firemen, clergy, office managers, etc.


The scarcity principle states that “…opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited.”
Example: Deadlines — An official time limit is placed on the customer’s opportunity to get the offer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great examples.
The world is complex and interconnected.

Learn big ideas from big disciplines to:

– simplify complex problems
– make better decisions
– understand life

Credit: Mr. Pawan

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