Top 5 Lesson learned from the Book – Master Mentors

Top 5 Lesson learned from the Book – Master Mentors

1. Vulnerability is a leadership competency.

The key to building team engagement is the leader’s willingness to show vulnerability on their strengths and weaknesses,

And also, coach their colleagues not only through their successes but also their messes.

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2. Facts are facts.

Effective leaders understand the difference between facts and emotions, opinions, and feelings.

Self-aware people acknowledge the legitimacy of their feelings and emotions , while also recognizing that they should never confuse them with facts.

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3. Change strategy

The ability to change your mind—especially as it relates to your ideas and a key differentiator in business (and life) success.

The leaders, founders, and inventors needed to change their minds, check their egos, and be open to influence by others.


4. The blind spots

Of all the contributions leaders make, the most vital is offering people feedback on their blind spots.

These blind spots might relate to business competence or interpersonal skills, or be as simple yet sensitive as personal hygiene or dress.

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5. The value of understanding the difference between being fearless and being reckless

Building a more robust level of personal maturity and self-awareness around when you’re masquerading as being fearless, but really being reckless, can be a culture changer for any leader.

Source: Mr. Pawan

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