Top 10 lessons to learn from the book- Awaken the Giant Within

Top 10 lessons to learn from the book- Awaken the Giant Within

#1 Permanent Change

There are 3 things you need to do to achieve permanent change. These topics are covered in the book, in order, your standard of living, the limit of your beliefs, and your strategy.

#2 Raise Your Standards

You must want more. You should act thinking that you deserve more. You should not tolerate less. Everything starts with wanting more.

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#3 Change Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you decide that a job is impossible? You probably admit that at the beginning of the road you will not succeed. People who will achieve great success simply disappear because they do not show a little courage.

#4 Change Your Strategy

If the result you have taken from the path you have followed so far does not make you happy, it is time to change the path. You cannot reach a different destination by following the same path.

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#5 Emotions

Emotions are what make you take action or stop and do nothing. It is difficult to control them, but it is not difficult to act independently from them. If you dedicate yourself to the work you are going to do, you will continue to do it when you are happy or sad. Because real goals are more important than feelings.

#6 Health

It seems easy to focus personal development only on the mind. Because as your physique improves, your energy will increase and you will feel stronger. The stronger you get, the more you will accomplish.

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#7 Relationships

Mastering social skills can provide benefits beyond the education you receive. It is very important not only for your career but also for your peace of mind that your relationships with your family and friends are on track.

#8 Finance

He lives so focused on making money that if people invest with the money they earn, they wouldn’t have to work more, but they are not aware of it. Gain financial skills and learn to control money.

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#9 Time

You didn’t come to this world to work like a mad man with greed for money. Live the day with a plan, but don’t make this plan just for your business life. Spend your time on other things besides making more money.

#10 Happiness

We seek happiness in the reactions of others. We are waiting for a good word from our teacher at school, from our family at home, from the boss at work. They don’t even think about it when they say something good or bad to you anyway. So it doesn’t make as much sense as you might think.

Source: Mr. Pawan

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