Top 10 Lessons learned From the Book “Courage Is Calling”

Top 10 Lessons learned From the Book: Courage Is Calling

The book “Courage is Calling,” written by Ryan Holiday has the them Fortune Favours the Brave. The books propagate self introspection.

1. We Defeat Fear with Logic

✅Tell yourself: It’s just money. It’s just a bad article. It’s just a meeting with people yelling at one another.

👉Is that something you need to be afraid of? Break it down. Really look at the facts. Investigate.
Only then can we see.

2. Is the Enemy

👉At the root of most fear is what other people will think of us

❌You can’t let fear rule. There has never been person who did something important without pissing people off.

And the opinion of strangers should never be valued above our own considered judgment

3. Never Question Another Man’s Courage

🚫People are going to break. You have to understand this.

If we are going to indict anyone for their cowardice, let it be silently, by example.

🔴Waste not a second questioning another man’s courage. Put that scrutiny solely on your own.

4. We Are Afraid to Believe

If we don’t believe in anything, it becomes very hard to find anything worth believing in.

🟢The brave don’t despair. They believe. They are not cynical, they care. They think there is stuff worth dying for—that good and evil exist.

5. You Can’t Put Your Safety First

❗How will you handle the danger? What will happen to me? No one can tell you that.

👉But with courage, you can say yourself, “I’m not sure, but I will get through it with my soul intact. I will make the best of it. I will not be afraid.”

6. The Scariest Thing To Be Is Yourself

🟢the courage to be different is the courage to think different, to see what others don’t see, to hear what others don’t hear.

💯Be original. Be yourself. To be anything else is to be a coward.

7. Life Happens in Public. Get Used to It.

❎When we defer to fear, when we let it decide what we will and won’t do, we miss so much.

👉Not just success, but actualization.

8. Can’t Be Afraid to Ask

❓When somebody has the courage to speak about something shameful that was done to them? Society is propelled into action.

🟢You won’t get what you’re afraid to admit you need Ask now, right now, while you have the courage. Before it’s too late.

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9. When We Rise Above . . .

💡We choose what voice we will listen to. We choose whether we’ll play it safe, think small.

✌️We choose whether we will break these fears down or keep going.

10. Beating the Odds

💪Sometimes, we must be brave enough to defy the odds.

❌But we do this only when there is a real chance of success. And we do it rarely when we have no other choice.

Credit: Mr. Pawan

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