Top 10 lesson learned from book-The Millionaire Fastlane .

      Top 10 lesson learned from book-The Millionaire Fastlane .

      1. You are the Driver

      If you want to become rich fast, then you will have to be the driver. You control:

      – Your money

      – Your mindset

      – Your financial future

      Don’t allow others to drive your future – you determine your success – or failure.

      2. The Fast Lane:

      Invent Becoming a millionaire doesn’t always have to be a slow process. You can become rich if you:

      – Invent

      – Bring value

      – Offer answers

      Become the solution to someone else’s problem. That’s when you’ll make money.

      3. You Need Speed to Win

      Becoming a millionaire – fast – depends on several factors:

      – Your effort

      – Your mindset

      – Your consistency

      – Your determination

      Don’t focus on the end result, focus on the systems that will bring you to the result.

      4. Money is the Illusion

      Looking rich is the illusion of true wealth. True wealth is:

      – Health

      – Freedom

      – Relationships

      Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Money buys you time, which gives you freedom.

      5. The Formula for Wealth

      Salary does not build wealth fast.

      Wealth = net income + asset value

      You build a high net income when you:

      – Sell products

      – Build a business

      – Increase your product prices

      Your ticket to the fast lane is when you solve a problem for your customer

      6. Your Habits Make you Poor

      Your habits may be the reason why you’re poor. This behavior leads to poverty:

      – Refusing to learn

      – Seeking to impress

      – Living paycheck to paycheck

      If you want to jump on the millionaire fast lane, you first need a solid plan.

      7. Your Job is a Prison

      You sacrifice 5 days (Mon-Fri) for 2 days of freedom (Sat-Sun). Why your job won’t make you rich fast:

      – Salaries grow over time

      – It takes time to gain experience

      – You have no control over your salary

      Time is the ultimate currency. Spend it wisely.

      8. The Illusion of Compound Interest

      If you just rely on compound interest, you won’t get rich fast. How to get rich fast:

      – Become a boss

      – Build a business

      – Invent something

      Compound interest is based on time. Wealth that is just based on time will be limited.

      9. The Money Tree

      The salary of your 9 to 5 is the slow lane to wealth. The 5 Money Trees to Wealth:

      – Rental system

      – Software system

      – Network marketing

      – Information system

      – Human resource systems

      Building and monetizing systems are the way to wealth.

      10. The Law of Wealth

      Building millions (in wealth) means you have to service millions (of people). The 2 Parameters to Optimize income:

      1. Amplitude (how much is sold)

      2. Magnitude (the price it is sold for)

      You earn money when you add value to your customers.

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