The most absurd human error that has been committed!!

The most absurd human error that has been committed!!

Many don’t know him, but Anthony Gignac will go down in history as the person who made the stupidest mistake possible.

This man pretended almost all his life to be a millionaire prince from Dubai and called himself “Prince Khalid Bin Al-Saud”. He did all this with a single purpose, to defraud investors, and he did it, for a long time many believed him, in fact it is estimated that he ended up defrauding hundreds of people for a total of 8 million dollars.

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He even had an Instagram account where he showed his luxuries and the way he lived, of course, at the expense of other people’s money.

However, his facade began to crumble one tragic (for him, of course) night, in May 2017, when he was trying to “invest” in a luxury hotel in Miami.

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In the course of the negotiations, the hotel owners became suspicious of Gignac, when they realized that the man was literally eating bacon or bacon (as they call it in your country), a product derived from pork, something that would be unthinkable. eat for a “devout Muslim prince”.

As a result, the hotel owners hired a group of private investigators, which drew the attention of the American government and thus began a federal investigation against Gignac.

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They ended up discovering a life of crimes and crimes, for the mere fact of eating something they shouldn’t.

Source: José Alberto

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