Ten Facts In psychology About You

Ten Facts In psychology About You

1. If you’re the person who always texts first, it’s a 90% chance they aren’t interested in you

2. It only takes 4 minutes to know if you like someone

3. You’re more likely to be attracted to someone that you have no chance with

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4. People who stay up later at night tend to have a higher intelligence level than people who wake up early

5. IQ tests aren’t sufficient because intelligence is actually measured through reasoning skills, verbal ability, and short term memory, which none are measured on an IQ test

6. People with the most problems usually gives the best advice

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7. Having a crush lasts 3 weeks, after that, it’s love

8. If a person speaks less, but speaks fast, it means they have a lot of secrets

9. If you fall in love with 2 people, choose the second one because you wouldn’t have fallen for the second one if you were in love with the first one

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10. Many strange dreams occur because part of your brain has shut down

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