Tears Of Joy For Kofi Asare After Seeing Two Underprivileged Students Through University.

      Tears Of Joy For Kofi Asare After Seeing Two Underprivileged Students Through University.

      It is not over untill the job is well done for Kofi Asare, the CEO of Africa Education Watch, after successfully supporting two very underprivileged Senior High School graduates through university together with friends. Kofi Asare solicits support for their masters degree abroad.

      The tears from Kofi Asare might possibly be because of the trying times for himself at the time the needs for these young students to be in school. Below is the full story of the background and journey of both students as captured by Kofi Asare as captured on his Facebook wall.

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      “In 2018, a friend introduced a boy named Ali to me. Dude apparently couldn’t honour an admission to read medicine at KNUST the previous year. His JHS teachers in Fomena confirmed that, though he lost his dad early, he was their best student who was also well behaved. They had supported him in basic school.

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      Ali was the doing some ‘labourer’ job in Obuasi to raise funds to buy university forms again, hoping for a miracle this time around.

      Just around the same time, i met Priscilla in Madina with a similar story.

      These events were unfolding a couple of months after i had my job contract terminated by my ‘employer’ of 6 years…but as they say, desperate situations require desperate solutions. I launched a facebook appeal; my friends supported.

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      We didn’t know how we were going to do it, but Yaweh has been merciful to us.

      There were very terrible times the only option was to avoid their calls but man had to stand for their future.

      Today, by the grace of God, Ali and Priscilla have completed their BSC Electrical Engineering and BSC Petroleum Engineering final exam respectively at KNUST.

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      Ali will be a Teaching Assistant at the Electrical Engineering Dept.

      When i heard Priscilla’s voice on Sunday night: ‘bro kofi, i have finished my project; i am coming home tomorrow…may God make you great’, i couldn’t hold back.

      I am grateful to Yah; and to all friends who supported us, especially in year 1. Patrick Boamah, Bonzoh, salute!

      I pray Gideon will also complete UMAT successfully next year.

      I thank God they have made us proud.

      May we all be great!

      NB: Any one with scholarship opportunities for both should please DM me. They will both do their masters abroad next year after completing NS.


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