Teachers Want Easy Degrees

      Teachers Want Easy Degrees | A post by one Benjamin Noble Taiwiah

      Teachers want easy degrees. A lot of teachers want a cheap way out to acquire a first degree. Some of the cheap degrees are one year top up, 3 semester top ups, two years top ups and 5 semester top ups.

      All these programs are designed to keep you working for GES without leaving the classroom empty. The appropriate degree is a 4 year degree either by distance, evening class, or 4-year regular student. There are a lot of limitations to any degree that is less than 4 years.

      Most foreign universities do not recognise a degree at less than 4 years. Even the universities that design those programs do not accept such degrees for Mphil. Therefore, ask yourself who the universities designed such programs for and for what purpose they design such degrees.

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      The fact is, seek guidance and knowledge, no matter your level or age, before embarking on any further studies. The Internet is available and experience people are all around you.

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