Teacher Used Conversional Way To Discipline Learners Without Cane And Got Better Results.

Teacher Used Conversional Way To Discipline Learners Without Cane And Got Better Results.


Getting your learners to understand themselves and feel remorse about their wrong doing can be the best result any teacher would want.

Canning might be the lazy teacher’s approach.

Knowing your learners is the only way to adopt an appropriate method other than canning learners, to discipline your learners and so there is no one magic wand conversational method of disciplining learners.

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The learners are unable to go for a break even though they have been asked to go

Below is the appropriate method deployed by this teacher to discipline his learners for the maximum effect, according to the teacher’s brief on Facebook.

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“It’s break time but three fourths of my learners are still sitting in class. I’m sitting here too, without talking. I have told them to go for a break, but everyone is afraid to go. I’d show them that I’m their teacher.

Yesterday, some liquid (Asana drink) poured at the entrance of our classroom looking brownish. A madam from another class saw it and drew their attention to mop it. They didn’t.

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I was about to go for a break when I saw it this morning. I called them all out and asked why they didn’t. In order to discipline them, I told them I’d do it myself.

Their faces turned pale. When I took the mop, water and broom, they tried begging and I showed them the red eye inside me.

They watched me mop the floor and now the class was silent. Ankatonwaaa! Sheegeee! We have better ways of disciplining you without a cane. I still remember how my teacher disciplined me for not cleaning the teacher’s table.

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Fridays are for football but here we are, all sitting quietly even though I’ve said nothing. The African child deserves a different method of discipline.

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Source: Sir Don Francis, Afransi SDA Primary School, Gomoa Central District, Central Region.

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