SOUND ENERGY Obj (Q1-10): Int. Sci. Current WASSCE Questions

      Integrated Science Current WASSCE Past Questions: Sound Energy Objective Questions (2014-2018)

      I) Questions that occur multiple times means they were repeated over the period under consideration

      II) Candidates are expected to spend 50 seconds on each objective question. Candidates are therefore required to spend between 8-9minutes on these 10 questions. Start work now!!

      1. Which of the following characteristics can be used to distinguish between the same note played on a piano and an organ
      A. Beat
      B. Loudness
      C. Pitch
      D. Quality

      2. A bell jar contains a ringing bell. As the air inside is pumped out, the sound intensity gradually decreases because
      A. a medium is needed for the sound transmission
      B. the sound has turned into stationary waves
      C. the sound can not pass through the solid bell jar
      D. the air inside the jar is heated

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      3. The frequency of vibration in a string is directly proportional to the
      A. Length of the string
      B. Thickness of the string
      C. Reciprocal length of the string
      D. Square root of the mass of string

      4. Sound waves are classified as
      I. Transverse
      II. Longitudinal
      III. Mechanical
      Which of the following statements is/are correct
      A. I only
      B. I and II only
      C. I and III only
      D. II and III only

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      5. Which of the following factors affect the loudness of sound
      A. Amplitude
      B. Frequency
      C. Velocity
      D. Wavelength

      6. Sound travels fastest in
      A. Air
      B. Iron
      C. Water
      D. Wood

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      7. The form of energy produced as a result of vibrations of matter is
      A. Chemical
      B. Electrical
      C. Nuclear
      D. Sound

      8. The primary function of the Eustachian tubes in the mammalian ear is to
      A. protect the ear drum
      B. equalize pressure on both sides of the ear drum
      C. balance the human body
      D. amplify sound

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      9. The function of the semi-circular canals of the human ear is
      A. Hearing
      B. Balancing
      C. Stabilizing the ear pressure
      D. Amplifying vibrations in the inner ear

      40. The pitch of a musical note is related to the note’s
      A. Loudness
      B. Quality
      C. Frequency
      D. Intensity

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      1. D
      2. A
      3. C
      4. D
      5. A

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      6. B
      7. D
      8. B
      9. B
      10. C

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