Simple G.E.S Rules That Get Teachers Timid Before Their Supervisors.

Every institution has rules and regulations that govern how staff operate within the organisation. It is for this reason that G.E.S has developed Code Of Conduct for Ghana Education Service staff to regulate and/or guide the performance of its workers, especially teachers.

However, reading through the codes of conduct for G.E.S staff, it is revealed that it is the simplest of the rules that makes teachers timid and intimidated before their supervisors. Probably the teachers took those simple rules for granted.

But when those rules are evoked, such a teacher would be found wanting with over a million excuses. Some of these rules have been sampled as a reminder to all teachers.

Teaching Notes

a. A teacher shall prepare relevant and adequate teaching notes for his or her work in advance.

b. It shall be the responsibility of the head of the institution to see to it that it is done.


a. A teacher shall set adequate amounts of written and practical exercise and give homework in all exercises that he or she teaches.

b. A teacher shall set, mark and manage his or her own end of term examinations

c. A teacher shall not, under any circumstances, make a pupil or student copy exercises or notes on the board while he or she is present or absent.

Working hours

a. A staff shall report for duty regularly and punctually as determined by G.E.S

Performance of duty

a. Any negligence on the part of a staff that causes loss, damage or injury shall be a breach of contract of the Ghana Education Service.

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