Signs you are envious.

      Signs you are envious.

      Most negative vices doesn’t manifest instantly, naturally speaking, the human nature is not godly. There are signs you are envious if you possess certain feelings or reactions towards others either in physical contact or in contact online

      It is the consciousness of Christ in us that transforms us.

      You must consciously fight against those negative vices like anger, greed, envy etc.

      Sometimes the seed of envy start showing up gradually, when you ignore it, it will gain root and take hold of you.

      You see a post that is blessing people, just because you are not the writer or for whatever reason, you left the purpose of the post to search for something to use and discredit the post

      Envy is at work my dear,

      You find it difficult to praise people sincerely, envy is maturing,

      Your heart skip when you hear or see the big testimony of others, especially when you think you are better than them.

      You have the seed of envy

      When the success of others are discussed, you will always come up with one negative thing the person did or have done just to water down the success story.

      Envy dey worry you.

      You don’t comment on people’s post but always feel the urge to correct them just to massage your ego that you are better than them or know more than them.

      Na envy

      When you notice these and more, sincerely tell yourself the truth. Envy is breeding in you. Consciously fight it off before it becomes a monster that eat you up.

      Na from love I dey warn you o

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      Credit: Prince #theanointedconsultant

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