Save Cost On Internet Data Significantly

Do you often purchase internet bundles?

Do you feel you spent much on internet bundles?

If your answer to the questions above is YES then, here is an eye opener for you.

MTN has several data bundles packages ranging from Non-Expiry Bundles, Midnight Bundles, Kokrokoo Bundle, Social Media Bundles, Video Bundles, IDD Bundles, Combo bundles and more. To have access to cheap bundles the following options are available;
Midnight bundles – Do I have to stay awake all night to have access to cheap internet bundle after a hard day’s work? Kokrokoo bundle – Do I have to always wait and browse in the morning? To save yourself from the stress and sacrifice you have to go through to get access to MTN internet data, just purchase the non-expiry data even though some are expensive on site but the value is worth more comparatively.

MTN non-expiry data packages currently available are;
1. Flexi Bundles (GH¢0.03 – 399)
2. GH¢0.5 (24.05MB)
3. GH¢1 (48.10MB)
4. GH¢3 (471.70MB)
5. GH¢10 (971.82MB)
6. GH¢399 (214.09GB)

Option 1 allows you to enter any amount of data you want to purchase if the amount you want to purchase is not included in any of the 5 other options.
Option 3 (GH¢1 (48.10MB)) is double of option 2 (GH¢0.5 (24.05MB)) but for option 4(GH¢3 (471.70MB)) it looks like a bonus package, right? It is not a double or triple of any of the options above it and therefore many (I can emphatically hypothesise that 70%) subscribers purchase this package.

Moving on to the next option on the list, option 5. GH¢10 (971.82MB), it is obvious that going for this package is a waste of money. Instead of paying GH¢10 for 971.82MB, why not purchase the 4th item (GH¢3 (471.70MB)) three times. So 3 X 471.70MB = 1415.1MB (1.415GB). So in all, you pay GH¢9 for 1415.1MB (1.415GB) instead of GH¢ 10 for 971.82MB. A good move, right?

The last option on the list, option 6 GH¢399 (214.09GB), is deemed to be expensive by customers. Yes, the company knows customers would deem it expensive and back off so tje company intentional provided the customer with the package to always purchase, the GH¢3 (471.70MB) package. With a simple calculation, 471.70 ÷ 3 = 157.23333.

In this case, customers are paying GH¢1 for 157.233MB which is still better than option 3 (GH¢1 for 48.10MB) and even better than a double (GH¢2 for 96.2MB) of it. Just as it was stated, the Telcos deliberately placed the GH¢3 package among the bundle options for the Ghanaian, who believe it is expensive to purchase the GH¢399 package which offers you 214.09GB worth of internet data, to buy.

Using a further calculation, GH¢399 ÷ 214.09GB = GH¢1.8637022
This means that when anyone opt for GH¢399 package, he or she would be paying GH¢1.8637022 for each Gigabyte (1GB). This must be amazing. Will you not buy from MTN a data bundle at GH¢3 for 1GB? Of course anyone should but the customer would be paying less than GH¢2 if he or she opt for the GH¢399 package (214.09GB). This package is far better than the rest of the options. This data bundle can last for a year and beyond.

Remember, the data package does not expire and so for several years if not exhausted would still be available on your SIM card, according to a response from MTN help centers.

The challenge then is, most people can not afford purchasing internet bundle at that very high amount instantly. Any professional who can not afford this Ghc399.00 bundle at a time yet spend a lot on data usage must make plans to purchase it when the opportunity presents itself especially for teachers who receive their professional allowance in the month of November.
The system is hard so consider this offer and save money.


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