Salary Overdraft On Vodafone Cash.

      Salary Overdraft On Vodafone Cash

      The days when people have to travel to the bank just to request an overdraft are over with the emergence of overdraft on Vodafone cash. There is only one requirement to access this overdraft from Vodafone cash.

      If you think about easy access to all or part of your salary in advance, then it could only be from Vodafone cash.

      A Promotional text message from Vodacash to its client is urging its clients to look no further anytime they are short of cash. Overdraft on Vodafone cash is available. This is because the promotion is making an overdraft facility available to customers who wish to access short-term advances payable within a month.

      Individuals stand the chance to access huge sums of money as overdraft on Vodafone cash depending on the individual’s frequent activity on the overdraft platform as well as making prompt payments without default.

      Though the interest is a 6.9% rate per month on any amount that is accessed, the interest is charged daily. This means that individuals would pay less than the 6.9% provided they repay the overdraft fee earlier than the full one month. That is, the earlier the better. However, on default after the month’s repayment period, a penal rate of 12.5% would rather be applied on the overdraft amount.

      Cash traps can be very embarrassing to handle and therefore, having the opportunity on Vodacash to access an overdraft facility could bring a sigh of relief. The only condition needed that must be met to access this overdraft is for the customer to link his or her Ghana card to his or her vodafone cash wallet.

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      For anybody to access the overdraft facility from vodafone cash, he or she only has to dial the vodafone cash short code *110# and select option five (5) to proceed. The interesting part of the platform is that vital information about the whole facility is provided on the platform including the terms and conditions, fees etc.


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