Organizers of Free CPD/ NTC Points [Fourth source]

      Organizers of Free CPD/ NTC Points [Fourth source]

      1. The National Teaching Council (NTC) has introduced a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points building to qualify teachers to renew their license after every three (3) years.

      2. Though the number of points to acquire by teachers is considered too many by many teachers, the National Teaching Council considers the number of points relevant.

      3. The National Teaching Council (NTC) in their end of year message, 2022, hinted of plans to review the points building system based on the “push back” the National Teaching Council received, according to their own words.

      4. Despite the hints to review the CPD points building system, the National Teaching Council may not scrap the points building system altogether, meaning teachers would still have to attend workshops to build points.

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      5. Also, though there are many CPD points awarding workshops going around various districts at exorbitant fees for a lower number of points, there are some CPD points workshops, which are free of charge that equally award points for teachers to take advantage of.

      6. One of such free awarding points institutions is the National Teaching Council (NTC) itself through their e-learning approach. The official website of Instill Education is

      7. Teachers seeking the award of free CPD points are encouraged to visit the official website of NTC regularly, preferably once a month to check up on any training opportunity for the NTC’s Continuous Professional Development points.

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