New GNAT Leaders, Led By Rev. Isaac Owusu, Deserve Commendation For Obtaining COLA For Workers

New GNAT Leaders, Led By Rev. Isaac Owusu, Deserve Commendation For Obtaining COLA For Workers

The sweetness of COLA is not in its sugar content: Teaser

Under six (6) months, the leadership have declared a strike to press home a demand and achieve the same.

Under six (6) months, the leadership have joined forces with other unions to embark on a successful strike.

Under six (6) months, the new GNAT President is still beaming with enthusiasm for the issues he campaigned on to win his election, especially with respect to the value of a teacher.

It is a fact that most teachers were surprised that GNAT actually attended the press conference organised by other teachers’ unions to declare a nationwide industrial strike, especially knowing the history of how GNAT react in situations like this concerning a section of teachers’ unions demanding a concern to be addressed.

It is also a fact that teachers were virtually betting on whether GNAT would actually join forces with the teachers unions to demand COLA knowing how past leaders of GNAT acted in such situations

It is based on this background that the new leaders of GNAT, led by Rev. Isaac Owusu, deserves a commendation for showing leadership and proving to be the big brother that other teacher unions need, since without GNAT every industrial action only ends up as a routine.

To conclude, the fact also is that the success of this COLA strike is solely because of the involvement of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and not even because of organised labour.

Kudos again to our new GNAT executives. Keep the perpetual flame of teachers burning. The Dark Glass won by the GNAT president, Rev. Isaac Owusu, during the COLA negotiations, may have done the trick to achieve this COLA. Click here to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on One Telegram Platform with over 12,000 members

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