Negative Effect Of Liver Meal On Pregnancy

      Negative Effect Of Liver Meal On Pregnancy

      Effect of liver on pregnancy: Liver Is a healthy food that is rich in folic acid, minerals, vitamins and proteins, which are all  good for our health. Vitamins help to boost the immune system and minerals also help in balancing fluids and electrolytes in the body.

      Folic acid is good for pregnant women since it helps in prevention of birth deformity in the fetus brain and spinal cord. That is why folic acid supplements are given to pregnant women on their prenatal visits, so,liver should have been a good food source for pregnant women,  but liver contains a lot of preformed vitamin A.

      Preformed vitamin A is found in eggs, fish, liver, fruits and vegetables. But the quantities of preformed vitamin A found in liver is too much for pregnant women. It exceeds  the recommended amounts needed by Pregnant women.

      The effect of liver on pregnancy is necessary to know because,  When a pregnant woman consume liver it can cause miscarriage or fetal defects especially in the first trimester.

      There is preformed vitamin A (retinol) which is obtained from animal products such as liver, milk, cheese, eggs, but liver has a high concentration of retinol.

      Also, there is provitamin A Carotenoids found in fruits and vegetables especially those with orange and yellow colour which is very good for a pregnant woman.

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      A small portion of a cow’s liver contains more than seven times the daily vitamin A content needed by a pregnant woman.

      It’s important to get enough vitamin A during pregnancy to improve metabolism, support your baby’s eye and improve bone development.

      To get the needed vitamin A, eat fruits and vegetables rich in provitamin A carotenoids such as carrots, yellow pepper, star fruit and fruits and veggies with orange or yellow colour, and also take your antenatal drugs that contain vitamin A.

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      Avoid eating liver in pregnancy to protect yourself and the Foetus from unwanted complications.

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