Negative Consequences For Watching TV/ Operating Phones While Eating

       Consequences For Watching TV/ Operating Phones While Eating

      Most of the times, we do watch Tv whilst eating or flit through our phones whilst eating due to our busy schedules.
      If your mealtime then you must understand the potential problem it may cause.

      Here are some problems it might cause when you and your kids have been eating in front of screen.

      1. Overeating and obesity

      People tend to eat more when they don’t pay attention to what is been served infront of them and the quantity they should consume so they end up eating more than they should have eaten. Eating too much food can eventually lead to obesity.

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      2 .It Causes Distraction

      With both parents working these days, it’s difficult to get time to interact as a family, mealtime offers this opportunity. Eating together and focusing on only the food and conversation brings the family together.


      3. Causes lower metabolic rate:
      Watching the screen whilst eating does not help in burning calories, it rather reduces metabolic rate so food gets digested slowly.

      4. Results in subsequent meal consumption: Watching the screen whilst eating increases the temptation of taking a snack soon after eating since you were distracted during the meal, your body do not recognize it making you hungry soon after.

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      5. Indigestion: The attention needed to digest the food you are eating will be directed to the screen by your brain causing indigestion.

      Try and do away with screen when eating to avoid any health consequences.

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