Laboratory Apparatus Obj & Practical. (3 Obj & 1 Pract. An.): Int. Sci. Current WAEC Questions

Integrated Science Current WASSCE Past Questions: Laboratory Apparatus Objective & Practical Questions (2014 Obj and 2012 Practical)

I) Candidates are expected to spend 50 seconds on each objective question. Candidates are therefore required to spend between 8-9minutes on these questions. Start work now!!

The diagram below is an illustration of laboratory apparatus. Use it to answer questions 1 and 2

1. The apparatus illustrated is a
A. Stirring rod
B. Retort stand
C. Pair of tongs
D. Test tube holder

2. The apparatus is used to
A. Crush solids
B. Hold objects in firm positions
C. Take small quantity of substances
D. Hold a test tube during heating

3. The apparatus illustrated below is a

A. Pair of tongs
B. Retort stand
C. Test tube holder
D. Tripod stand

4. The figures below are an illustration of instruments used in a school laboratory. Study the figures carefully and use it to answer the questions below.

a. Identify the instruments labelled A,B,C,D and E

b. State one use each of the instruments B,C,D and E

c. Describe how A is used.

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1. D
2. D
3. B
4. a. Instruments identification
A – Pipette
B – Measuring or Graduates cylinder
C – Hydrometer
D – Volumetric or flat bottomed flask
E – Thermometer

b. Uses of instruments
B: for measuring volumes of liquid
C: for measuring the relative density of liquids
D: for measuring or holding liquid
E: for measuring temperature

c. How A is used
I. The pointed end of A is put in a liquid
II. Mouth is put on the opposite end of A to suck air from it
III. The level of liquid rising up in A during sucking is allowed to be above the mark
IV. The thumb is used to immediately seal the top of A where the mouth is used to suck the air
V. The thumb is partially released to allow the liquid to drain from A upto the mark on A
VI. The thumb is completely removed to release the liquid into a given container

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