Main Reason For Schools’ Existence Is “Obey, Don’t Question Authority”

      Main Reason For Schools’ Existence Is “Obey, Don’t Question Authority”

      Stream of consciousness: Our public schools main reason for existing is to produce an obedient workforce. The watchword is “obey, don’t question authority”.

      The teacher’s favorite is not the rule breaker; or the one who asks why! It’s the one who tacks in their shirt, polishes their shoes and writes names of talkatives. That is the vision of the ideal student.

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      No surprise that even out of school, they are performing for acceptance. No matter where they reach in life, they won’t break out of the mold of never questioning authority.

      Our democracy will not innovate with the products of this “Yes Sir Massa; please teacher may I go out” school system. Our industries will never pursue mind bending and audacious projects; and our policymaking will not seek big ideas that transform society.

      We are too busy polishing our shoes to people please!

      Author: Oliver Barker-Vormawor

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