Lifestyles That Promote Kidney Diseases In Young Adults

Kidney diseases used to be a disease of the aged but these days, there has been an increase in kidney disease in young adults.

Everyone has a pair of kidneys and one or both developing a problem could be very deadly and costly.

​Learn and understand how to prevent it, save life and save money as well.

The work of a pair of kidneys that everyone has is to remove excess water and waste substances from the body. The main causes of kidney disease in the aged are diabetes and hypertension .

However, young adults or teens develop this disease due to some lifestyles they adopt. These are

1. Lack of exercise . We need to exercise for the heart to pump enough blood to vital organs such as the kidney for it to function well.

2. Keeping urine in the bladder for a while before urinating . That is when an individual has the urge to urinate and he or she keeps it for a long time in the bladder, the bacteria or waste substances in the urine moves back into the kidneys to cause damage to the kidneys.

3.  Urinary tract infections (UTIs).

When one has an infection affecting any part of the urinary system, there is a high possibility of the bacteria moving into the kidneys to cause harm to the kidneys. Therefore, every UTI should be treated promptly .

4. Taking herbal concoctions. Herbal concoctions are good if we know the exact quantity that we can take without it causing damage to our kidneys, but in most cases, individuals do not normally know the exact dosage to take . An individual will normally pour a full cup or half a cup and drink without knowing it’s effect on the kidneys.

5 . Inadequate fluid intake. Due to the busy schedules of young adults these days, when an individual is thirsty they normally ignore it or do not take in enough fluid . If an individual does not take in enough fluid, he or she puts pressure on the kidneys to filter the waste substances in the blood, while filtration is difficult without enough water. Persons need to take in enough fluids to lessen the pressure on the kidneys during filtration.

Some signs and symptoms of kidney disease are

1. Swelling around the eyes, feet and ankles

2. Lower back pain

3. Cloudy or bloody urine.

3. Difficulty urinating

4. Frequent or urine urgency

5. Unpleasant smelling urine

6. A burning sensation when urinating.

Kidney conditions can be prevented by taking in enough fluid, exercising two to three times a week, avoiding taking concoctions, urinating immediately if there is an urge to urinate, eating fruit, treating urinary tract infections ( UTIs) as early as possible.

The rate at which kidney disease in young adults is increasing these days is very overwhelming. Individuals must do their best to protect themselves from this fatal disease, which is expensive to manage.

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