Leaders Blackmailed For 25% Salary Increment

Government Blackmailing Leaders To Accept 25% Salary Increment

The government’s team of negotiators came in hand to today’s meeting with a previous figure of a 20% salary increase for workers, which was duly rejected. This forced the government’s team to a caucus meeting and finally proposed a 25% salary increment for 2023.

The government’s team in the process informed labour that an agreement to their proposal will see the 25% salary increment factored into January salary payments by CAGD, otherwise it will not. The strategy can be described as a set up of union leaders against impatient members, which is typical of blackmail tactics.

11th January 2023 Base Pay Negotiations Update

Ghana Physicians Assistant Association (GPAA) which was duly invited and had a representative at the negotiations for the 2023 salary increase provides formal briefing to it’s members. The memo captured the heading of the briefing as 2023 base pay negotiations update. Below is the details of the official memo:

Meeting commenced around 2:30pm with an opening prayer as usual

Recap of yesterday’s meeting was done and meeting continued.

At today’s meeting, Government team still proposed 20% but was rejected by Organized Labour.

Subsequently, the Government team went into a long caucus meeting and later called leadership of Organized Labour for a compromise in order to ensure that the agreed Base Pay rate can be incorporated into the January salary of workers by CAGD by Friday, 13th January, 2023.

Government later proposed 25% Base Pay for 2023 while Organized Labour gave a cut off rate of 35% which was later reduced to 30%.

Government team was not able to decide on the 30% today, hence the meeting has been adjourned to tomorrow, Thursday, 12th January, 2023 for final determination.

Meeting came to a close at 6:15pm

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The GPAA General Secretary, Peter Eyram Kuenyefu, was the GPAA representative at the negotiations table and the National PR lead Aminu A. Mohammed provided the base pay negotiations update for 11th January 2023

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