January 2023 Salary Increment Paid | MoF Directs

      January 2023 Salary Increment Paid | MoF Directs

      The government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Finance, has given instructions to the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) to implement the January 2023 salary Increment this month. Public workers should therefore expect a base pay increment this month.

      One of the signals given by the government’s negotiation team to labour unions is the fact that the government wants to implement the 2023 salary increment in the month of January. And the government has fulfilled that promise by giving a directive to the payroll managers of public institutions, CAGD, to effect the salary increment. An advice from the Ministry of Finance to the Controller read:

      “Following conclusion of negotiations on the 2023 Single Spine base pay, approval is, hereby, given for the attached salary structure marked “Appendix A” which incorporates a thirty percent (30%) across board salary increase to be used to effect the payment of salaries of Public Institutions on the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS)

      2. The effective date of implementation is January 1st 2023.

      3. We wish to remind you that in line with the Government’s White Paper on the Guidelines for implementation of market premium, the payment of market premium to existing beneficiaries should be the absolute amount calculated on the 2012 Single Spine base salary and not on the enhanced 2023 Single Spine base salary.”

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      The news of the January 2023 salary increment being effected, even though good news, will be accepted with mixed feelings. The reason being the immediate announcement of a 29.9% and 8.3% increase in both electricity and water bills. The effect of this increment is similar to increases in petroleum products where businesses have to adjust their input cost to reflect new prices of their products.

      Also, with inflation at 54.1%, it is yet to be seen how the 30% salary increment for the year 2023 will help workers maintain their standard of living.

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