How To Upload Workshop/Training Certificates To NTC Portal For CPD Points.

Every teacher is required to provide evidence of training certificates to NTC website for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

Certificates obtained from training workshops or courses will amount to naught when they are not uploaded to the teacher’s account on the teacher’s portal

The process for uploading the certificates is as follows:

1. Log in to your teachers’ account on the teachers’ portal. That is the account opened by every teacher to receive their teacher’s licence.

2. If the teacher forgets his or her password to the teacher’s portal account, he or she should just press or select the forget password button on the log in page to proceed with password reset using email or phone number (One-Time-Password)

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3. After a teacher logs in to his or her account, he or she must press the ‘three short lines’ at the bottom left on the page of the teachers’ account.

4. Pressing the ‘three short lines’ will display a menu of options. The teacher must locate and press the ‘portfolio’ to proceed.

5. The next item to display after pressing ‘portfolio’ is ‘my teacher’s portfolio’.

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You must press the ‘my teacher’s portfolio’ to display all the nine (9) teacher’s portfolios heading to be filled by the teacher. However, the teacher must scroll down the nine (9) portfolio items to locate ‘evidence of professional development’, locate and press ‘record of training’ under the ‘evidence of professional development’ to upload the documents there.

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