How To Safely Manage Nose Bleeding At Home

Everyone would experience nose bleeding at least once in their lifetime, whilst others would experience it very often. Learn how to prevent nose bleeding and also learn first aids for nose bleeding to manage nose bleeding at home when your wards experience nose bleeding.

Nose bleeding is medically termed as Epistaxis.

Nosebleed occurs when a tiny artery in the nose ruptures, which will cause the ruptured artery to bleed. Nose bleeding can occur either anterior or posterior.

Posterior Epistaxis occurs at the back of the nose and when this happens the person swallows the blood uncomfortably or coughs it out. This type of Epistaxis needs medical intervention to avoid complications. Anterior Epistaxis, however, is the common one and the person bleeds externally. In this case, the person bleeds out from the nose. Some causes of nosebleeds are

1. Dry air

2. Picking your nose

3.injuries to the nose

4. Blowing your nose too hard

5 . Allergies

Frequent nosebleeding is likely to be caused by allergies. The individual, therefore, needs to study himself or herself very well to identify and do away with such allergies.

Home Management Of Nose Bleeding (Epistaxis)

1. Relax, do not panic or don’t be nervous since this can make you bleed more. Just relax.

2. Do not lie down or else you will swallow the blood which will cause stomach irritation. Sit up and keep your head above your chest level.

3 . Lean forward to keep the blood from draining back into your throat.

4 . Press the soft part of your nose and breathe through your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes .

5. Place an ice pack covered with a towel on the bridge of your nose.

How To Avoid Nose Bleeding (Epistaxis)

1. Blow your nose gently

2. Avoid picking your nose

3. Keep your home or workplace humidified

4 . Avoid dusty environments.


If the bleeding continues for more than 20 minutes and/or the bleeding is severe or you swallow too much of the blood or you are having difficulty breathing, kindly rush to the nearest health facility for medical intervention .

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